Human Hair Eyelashes

100% Human Hair Eyelashes – Where To Buy Online?


Human Hair EyelashesFor people wanting the ultimate natural look for falsies, are now available. These are not made from actual eyelashes (there is nobody sitting around painfully plucking their own lashes out so that you can look super cute on your hot date). They are crafted from the scalp hair of women that is treated with chemicals in order to be safe for use to be applied to someone else.

Human hair eyelashes when applied in a salon can be expensive, but for the savvy internet shopper, they are easy to find and purchase as well. However, most human hair eyelashes originate from Asian countries like China and Korea, so being a wise consumer will make your quest to a much smoother transaction.

While you can pick up a pair of or Ardell (who occasionally uses this material) online or in beauty supply stores easily, you’ll have to do a bit more hunting to find a set of human hair eyelashes online. Avoid sites like Ebay where seller credibility can be questionable and shipping costs can be exorbitant (particularly when shipping from overseas) and are often not included in the selling price of the item.

Popular online marketplaces like Amazon are a great place to buy , and you’ll find the human hair variety of false eye lashes there as well for as little as $3.49 for a full set of flared tips. One resource that is also worth considering are websites geared toward the theatrical crowd that are designed to cater to people who are on stage. These costume stores sell their fare online and are a great place to find human hair eyelashes.

Another great alternative to online marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon is online wig and hair extension stores. Since they mainly cater in human hair products, many of them offer eyelashes as well. One such vendor is, and they carry a few varieties all for under $7.00. Finally, don’t forget to check and browse their extensive collection of falsies of various kinds including those made of hair.

Human hair varieties of lashes are becoming more popular for many reasons. For starters, you may think that finding a natural makeup for brown eyes is a challenge, but it pales in comparison to trying to find suitable fake eyelashes for people who have blonde or red lashes to begin with. Human hair can solve this problem because some varieties come in colors that are easy to blend in with lashes that are shades other than ebony.

Additionally, human hair is thought to be one of the most natural options for false lashes because they are very lightweight and are less likely to look fake and overdone. This means that they can be worn while strolling along a boardwalk during the day, and easily transition to without the wearer feeling like they are always in high drama, high luxury mode all the time. Of course, they don’t come close to the most lightweight and natural looking authentic mink lashes such as those by an affordable cruelty-free brand Minki Lashes, but nevertheless they are suitable for all types of different , colors and sizes and provide an innately organic look and feel. And, while they aren’t main stream just yet, they are gaining in popularity.


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