Apply False Eyelashes

Best Way To Apply False Eyelashes With Makeup – Do’s And Don’ts


Wearers of false lashes will know that though applying fake eyelashes is relatively easy, you’ll only get the best results by experimenting with a few different types. If you’re a falsie newbie you’ll probably go through a few brands before finding one

that is the right color, length, thickness and style to completely compliment your look. You may have gained your experience with the cheaper synthetic kind, such as the well-known Revlon eyelashes, and eventually moved onto the luxury authentic Siberian mink type, such as those by Minki Lashes.

Once you’ve chosen some falsies you feel are up to the challenge, you should complete all of your makeup application except the before you . Do not try and do this the other way round, since by putting eyelashes on first and makeup last you’ll run the risk of dislodging the lashes. If you can, opt for this will be less likely to react with glue to cause any irritation around the eyes. If your makeup is oil based, getting it near the lash glue will result in a loosening of the adhesive and you could unwittingly be left with no faux lashes by the end of the night.

You’ll want to be wearing the perfect eye makeup to suit the type of false eyelashes you have chosen. If you’re using a natural strip falsie in real mink, use subtle tones to complete your natural look. If you’re using a glamorous lavish kind, ham it up with bold beautiful colors. Afterglow’s velvety Ultra Matte Eye Shadows are great for day time or evening wear, their range is made with made with 100% natural ingredients and is ideal for anyone with sensitive eyes, or anyone who has just lined their glorious optics with a chemical adhesive!

Before you apply false eyelashes you’ll want to check that they’re the right size for your eyelid, measure them against your lashline and trim the ends if necessary. Most lashes work well with a little curve, so you can bend them around your finger or makeup brush so that the shape echoes that of your eyelid.

Carefully apply false eyelashes by using a pair of tweezers or a special eyelash applicator tool to pick up the strip and put a very thin layer of glue on the base. This might be trickier than you imagine as depending on the tube of eyelash adhesive it could come gushing out and squirt all over your luscious falsies. But there are several ways to avoid this mishap: try putting the glue on a napkin and dabbing the lash base into it, use a cocktail stick as a miniature spatula or you could hold the eyelash above the glue, by making gravity your friend any excess fluid will fall down back onto the tube rather than onto the lashes. Some manufacturers are now offering ultra convenient mini mascara tube shaped container with an applicator brush, which makes the application process go a lot easier and faster.

Once the adhesive is on the base, blow gently or leave for a few seconds so it gets tacky, this will make the lash application easier as it will be less likely to slide around your eyelid. Do read ingredient labels on your adhesive package as to avoid potential skin and eye irritation and long term health problems (especially those associated with carcinogenic formaldehyde found in most Asian imported adhesives). For example, although Duo lash glue is highly popular as it provides a firm hold, dries clear (depending on which one you purchase) and can also be used to apply any gems you want decorate the lash with, or your body for that matter, many people have reported irritation from it, and it is known to contain formalin (formaldehyde solution), fragrance and rubber latex.

To correctly apply false eyelashes you’ll need to be looking into a magnified mirror for the next step. Use the tweezers to lay the lash strip over your natural lash line and push down gently with the flat end of the tweezers or your finger. The glue takes a few minutes to dry, once it dries completely you can coat them with mascara, make sure that the mascara and falsies are the same color so you can to blend the natural and faux eyelashes effectively. LashMagic and Urban Decay both produce a top rated mascara specifically for this purpose.

Traditionally, false strip lashes were meant to be worn for one day and if you do plan on using them only once, then they can be easily removed with an oil based makeup remover. However, if you plan to re-use the same set, which is what you should do with the fancier kind made of luxurious real (cruelty-free) mink, such as those by Minki Lashes, rinse them with water to remove the adhesive residue before setting them back in their casing. Once you’re confident that you know exactly how to apply false eyelashes strips with makeup, you can move on to trying out individual eyelash extensions also called individual flares or clusters.


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