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Fake Eye LashesThere are many places to buy fake eye lashes and while stand alone stores have some great offerings, their selections often pale in comparison to those that can be found online. Additionally, shopping on the internet can also provide cost savings, and bulk purchase options that can make being a regular falsie wearer even more affordable. We’ve come up with a list of the top 10 online places to buy fake lashes, and surely there is one included here that will have just what you are looking for!

1. Madame Madeline (madamemadeline.com): For a very wide variety of different types of eye enhancers, there are few better online offerings for selection and price for those looking to buy eyelashes than that offered by the literal lash emporium. Not only do they carry just about every single brand of synthetic eyelashes and human hair or mixed fibers fake eye lashes at prices that are affordable (and, get cheaper as you buy in bulk) they also offer their own lashes, available for purchase as well.

2. Beauty Dive (beautydive.com): Those looking for hard to find lashes or brands that aren’t available everywhere will appreciate the exotic collection offered by Beauty Dive. Dolly Wink lashes are available here and so are D. U. P. lashes, offerings not available by all vendors. While not displaying the largest selection of fake eye lashes, Beauty Dive is useful for those seeking harder to find products.

3. Ulta (ulta.com) : The well known cosmetics powerhouse offers up a stunningly huge selection of affordably priced lashes for just about every single look imaginable. Selling standby products from Maybelline as well as carrying higher end offerings, Ulta is a virtual fake eye lashes super store. They carry a large line of strip lashes as well as fake eyelashes tips to suit the shopping needs of every customer visiting their website.

4. Drugstore.com (drugstore.com) : Carrying the brands of fake eye lashes that you know and trust as found at the local drugstore is the specialty of this aptly named virtual marketplace. You won’t find any peacock lashes here, but you will find great offerings from Eyelure, Maybelline, Andrea, Revlon and Ardell and at great prices. The benefit of this website is that it expands on the current drugstore offerings by offering more expansive versions of well known product lines.

5. Sephora (sephora.com) Sephora offers a unique shopping experience for those looking for higher end fake eye lashes. Featuring products bearing their own name, as well as those from Illamasqua and Dior, you won’t bump into any discount bargains here. However, you will find luxurious and pricey offerings that aren’t available at many other online retailers, and certainly not in most stand alone stores.

6. Minki Lashes (minkilashes.com) : Toronto based great shop’n’learn spot to buy the most luxurious cruelty-free Siberian mink fake eye lashes at super affordable prices, and to get a ton of amazing makeup and false eyelash advice, reviews and tutorials (minkilashes.org). They offers a great selection of individual and strip falsies that can be re-used for up to 25 times with proper care. While being relatively new on the market, this brand is already getting a lot of attention from professional salons across Canada and the US, so check it out!

7. Amazon (amazon.com): Falsie wearers of all kinds can quickly and easily find the lashes that suit them perfectly on Amazon, the online marketplace where sellers large and small can offer up their wares to eager buyers. Users with all different eye shapes and sizes will have no problem finding the style, color and price range that they are looking for, and just about every single lash manufacturer is represented at Amazon.

8. Paperself (paperself.com) : If you are looking for high quality paper lashes, there aren’t a whole lot of choices available. However, the original and best known features and easy to use website that provides their entire product line. They frequently offer free shipping options as well, which can make picking up a pair of lacy, sensuous lashes can be more affordable than ever.

9. Ebay (ebay.com): Ebay is a place where buyers and sellers come together to exchange products and services in a global marketplace environment. As such, choosing to buy fake eye lashes on Ebay can open up a world of selection unparalleled by other sites. And, with the inclusion of individual sellers and not just retailers, the choices become even more abundant. However, there are some buying caveats to consider when using ebay, particularly to buy cosmetics, so be a safe shopper and stick to the higher rated sellers, and know what to expect in terms of (low!) quality when you buy fake eye lashes in a pack of 10 since one dollar falsies will never give you as natural of a look and lightweight of a feel than high end mink eyelashes, for instance!

10. My Diva’s Closet (mydivascloset.com): Featuring wholesale options for cost savings on fake eyelashes, My Diva’s closet has a minimal yet well rounded selection of fake lashes in their repertoire. Here you can buy fake eyelashes made mostly of synthetic materials or feathers at cheap prices around $7 to $12 per pair, which is a great option for a Halloween party or one-time use purchase. They also carry shoes, jewelry, accessories and even swimwear in addition to a wide variety of makeup making it a great one stop online shopping resource to help you buy safely.


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