Human Hair Eyelashes

Human Hair False Eyelashes Vs Synthetic For Natural Look

False eyelashes serve to add style, drama, lift, length and fullness to your own human hair eyelashes that Mother Nature has not provided. They are ideal for all types of eye shapes and whether you have a smaller set of almond shaped eyes, or round Betty Boop peepers, a set of false eyelashes can widen, accentuate and highlight the eyes …

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Cheap Eyelashes

Cheap Mink Eyelashes Will Never Have These 3 Features…!

Many of the most important celebrity makeup tips from stylists of the stars center on the eyes and the lashes in particular. This is because from photo shoots to the silver screen, eyelashes adorning all different eye shapes dazzle and intrigue, placing emphasis on the stunning peepers of some of the most gorgeous women to ever grace a red carpet.

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Natural Looking False Eyelashes

Most Natural Looking Everyday False Eyelashes – Half Lashes!

Most of us ladies eagerly anticipate those extra special nights out, you know the ones where we can let our hair down, pull out that gorgeous dress, don those six inch heels that have only ever been worn around the living room and adorn those flashy makeup colors we’ve been itching to try.

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