Silk Lashes

Silk Lashes Vs Synthetic – How To Tell The Difference?

For people considering falsies to gain longer and thicker lashes, one of the most important decisions is what type of lash to get – silk, synthetic, or other material. Originally, only acrylic versions were readily available, and these cheap false eyelashes are still easy to come by just by heading to the drugstore or beauty supply shop, where you can …

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Fake Eye Lashes

Buy Fake Eye Lashes Online – Top 10 Retailers

There are many places to buy fake eye lashes and while stand alone stores have some great offerings, their selections often pale in comparison to those that can be found online. Additionally, shopping on the internet can also provide cost savings, and bulk purchase options that can make being a regular falsie wearer even more affordable.

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Human Hair Eyelashes

Human Hair False Eyelashes Vs Synthetic For Natural Look

False eyelashes serve to add style, drama, lift, length and fullness to your own human hair eyelashes that Mother Nature has not provided. They are ideal for all types of eye shapes and whether you have a smaller set of almond shaped eyes, or round Betty Boop peepers, a set of false eyelashes can widen, accentuate and highlight the eyes …

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