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Where To Buy Mink Eyelashes Online – 5 Reputable Retailers


Buy Mink EyelashesIf you are looking to , why not go all the way, follow the latest trends in lashes and buy the best possible lashes that you can – genuine . In their early days, these by-products of mink grooming were very expensive and cost thousands of dollars per application, leaving them reserved only for the most elite and exclusive buyers. However, increased popularity, an ever growing marketplace and more and more producers and suppliers have brought the cost down dramatically. So much in fact, that you can even get now made from genuine mink.

But, how do you make the decision of where to buy eyelashes online from? How do you know which websites are better, best priced, and provide the highest quality products available? Well, you can start by checking out this list of the top five reputable online retailers of genuine mink eyelashes. One of these offerings is sure to have the lashes and the price tag that you are looking for.

1. Mink Vixen ( Offering an entire product line boasting 100% Siberian mink fur lashes, you can rest assured that any products bought from Mink Vixen will be of the highest quality and not made from any synthetic materials. Not only is Mink Vixen a great place to buy eyelashes because of the superior product company, little additional touches like providing a storage case, instructions for , and proper care guidelines will help shoppers get the most out of their premium product.

2. ( It is a one stop shop for all of your mink lash needs. For both consumers and professionals, this one of the most reputable retailers offers exceptional Siberian mink fur strip lashes and eyelash extensions, that are all harvested by hand and cruelty free. If you are looking to buy eyelashes that are genuine, beautiful, and fabulous, then try this online store for a great selection that offers 2 customized lengths of each lash style, very reasonable prices and highest quality products. And don’t forget to check out Minki’s own e-magazine at where you can find a ton of great eye makeup and false eyelashes tips, reviews and ideas!

3. ( Another one of highly reputable retailers, this literal eyelash emporium has anything that people wanting to renew their lashlines could ever possibly need. Not only do they offer some of the from popular synthetics manufacturers in the event that you want some spares, they also carry their own signature line of mink eyelashes. These lashes made from genuine 100% mink are not only some of the better quality, cruelty free and handmade lashes you can get, they are also budget priced with some sets costing less than $40.00. Considering each set can last for 20 uses with appropriate care, that’s really getting your money’s worth!

4. EBAY ( You can buy eyelashes of just about any sort on Ebay and you can really snag some great deals on this online marketplace of buyers and sellers. But, remember that when you buy Ebay lashes, you aren’t buying from them per se. You are buying from a seller using Ebay as a virtual storefront. So, while you can find a very wide variety of products, prices and particulars concerning mink lashes, you will still need to be a cautious and informed online consumer when shopping on this worldwide retail giant.

5. Lashes Direct ( Lashes Direct provides a great place to buy eyelashes online whether you are a direct consumer or a lash professional looking for product. While they do offer high quality synthetic lash options on their site, they also offer reasonably priced and still luxurious mink options that are handmade, luxurious and glamorous.


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